How to check Nofollow and DoFollow sites or pages?

We often go to different sites and post or comment in the hope of getting backlinks. But do you get good backlinks from all sites? No, because there is no possibility to get backlinks from the sites where the Nofollow link is attributed to the comment or posting option.

Again, if many search engines now hold nofollow links as backlinks, then they are of no value. So whether our backlinks are good or quality, Duflo backlink site is needed to create backlinks. Today I will let you know how you are through this post. Understand that from this site you will not get Duflo link or Noflo link. So let's see how to do this:

Download an SEO tool. To do this you must have Firefox browser. And you must have an add-on installed in your browser. The name of this tool is search status. This tool is a very popular tool for webmasters. There are many options added to it which will be very useful for your SEO research. So let's take a look at what we have in this tool.

1. You can see PageRank, Alexa Rank, Mojo Rank and all their Complete Rank through it.

2. You can always check all the backlinks of the site.

3. You can find out how many pages of the site are indexed by search engines

. 4. You can always see the keyword destiny between web pages.

5. You can see the XML and Robots.txt files

of the site. 6. You can check the Who.is of the site domain.

7. You can see the metatac of the web page.

8. You can highlight the no-follow or do-follow linkson the site.

In a nutshell, these tools do not have a pair to analyze the SEO of a webpage. You can go to this link to install these tools in Firefox. Download and install it in your browser, and restart Firefox once. When done, you will see that the option of the tool has moved to the bottom right side of your browser.

This time think that you want to comment on a blog. Then enter that site. I think www.EliteDesign.com/tag/20-photoshop-tips-tricks-that-you-should-know-about-part-one/ I will go to this link and make comments. Now go to this page and scroll down and come to the place of comments. The given name and the web site have been highlighted. This means that the links in the comments of that blog are the Nofollow link.

This way you can easily check before submitting the link to other blogs or web sites, whether the link you give will be Duflo or Noflo backlink. So now you have learned how to recognize Nofollow and Dofollow link or website. So try to find. If you want to find all the Dofollow links on the web site then go to w3ec.com/dofollow,www.inlineseo.com/dofollowdiver/Atniz.com/dofollow-search-engine/Commenthunt.com